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Veterinarian Communication Services

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John and Carolyn, through ICS, Inc., provide training and services for the veterinary profession.

For more than a dozen years they have focused their communication training skills on the veterinary industry.

They have been writing cases and articles for the TRENDS Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association and for the Veterinary Team Brief, published by Brief Media and for the Veterinary Practice News OnLine. You can read many of the articles and cases by going to

They authored Communication Case Studies: Building Interpersonal Skills in the Veterinary Practice, published by AAHA, as well as the popular tips booklet, Positive People Experiences.

They offer training programs to individual veterinary practices and at regional and national conferences (including AAHA, WVC, ICCVM, WIPIN, OATV). Their programs relate to enhancing communication with clients or building strong efficient teams through improved communication.

For blogs, and details about their writing and training services, go to