Training Costs

Money Well Spent!

Case presentation and/or skill-building workshop:

One hour face-to-face workshop: $100 plus travel expenses

In person, telephone or email coaching:

Telephone or email coaching: FIRST TIME: 30 minutes for $35.00,

SUBSEQUENT: 30 minutes for $50.00

One 60-minute session (paid in advance): $90

Two 60-minute sessions (paid in advance): $175

Three 60-minute sessions (paid in advance): $265

For Serious Learners:

The Three A’s (six hours): $499 plus travel expenses (paid in advance)


“Authors of Communication Case Studies,…I have received a rave review…. 
Combining their experience in corporations, small business and academia, Carolyn and John bring insights from all points of view to bear on organizational and interpersonal communication…. “   Constance Hardesty, Managing Editor, American Animal Hospital Association

‘I found it to be very helpful and entertaining. They gave us tips on how to approach difficult topics and how to really listen to what your co-workers and management is saying in the work place. I even found these tips to be useful in everyday life as well.”     Joanna Harris, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

“They kept our attention with their humor and knowledge.”  The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel, Boise, Idaho

“…liked that it wasn’t a flashy electronic slide show!”  Ark Animal Hospital, San Diego, CA

“We all learned to be more perceptive. Our staff and doctors interacted, commented, and developed new skills. Thanks again, Carolyn and John, for presenting the case studies to us.”  Heather Heath, Ark Animal Hospital, San Diego, CA

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