Effective Relationships

Effective Relationships

Effective relationshipsEffective relationships are not always easy to achieve. We can help.

The Three A’s to Effective Relationships

We have broken down the process of establishing meaning and effective relationships and focucs on three basic elements: accepting, asserting and accommodating.

We are known for our basic course,

Three A’s to Effective Relationships: Accept, Assert and Accommodate.

The “Accept” module unpacks the complex skill of accepting others’ and their viewpoints,  listening, and the process listeners can use to confirm their understanding of the speaker(s). We describe three steps to listening and responding.

The “Assert” module recognizes the importance of speaking up and speaking out – with information or concerns and how to do so without being condescending or threatening.  We describe the “I-statement” and all of the types of “You-statements” it avoids.

The “Accommodate” module teaches the skills learners need when there are conflicting needs or when a mutually satisfying path forward is the objective. This skills involves conflict resolution and creative problem solving and how to move to “win-win.”

The basic course is followed by or adapted to specific needs.

(Carolyn has shared the path she followed that led her to the creation of The Three A’s.  CLICK HERE TO READ.)

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