We’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of groups.  Many participants have kindly sent testimonials.  


Here is a sample of what they have said:

Communication Training Testimonials

“John and Carolyn gave appropriate representations of common issues with clients and staff….They used common language heard by clients and staff….I liked that it wasn’t a flashy electronic slide show.” Heather Heath, Manager, Ark Animal Hospital, San Diego

“Your workshop set off some interesting discussions even after you were gone. We are a team that prides ourselves on good communication but as is human, we don’t always get it right. Hearing the different perspectives was quite interesting….” Linda Lobb, DVM, The Cat Doctor, Boise, Idaho

 “I found these communication meetings to be very helpful to learn how to better communicate not only with co-workers and superiors but also with clients.” Vet Tech, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

“They kept our attention with their humor and knowledge.”  The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel, Boise, Idaho

“Carolyn and John were both very humorous, and their role playing was a great pleasure to watch.   This sort of theatrical addition to an HR session was refreshing and seemed to captivate the staff in a unique way…To sum the whole experience up, it was effective, relevant and received well by the whole staff. We cannot wait for the next seminar.” Stephanie Coolidge, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

“Those 100+ participants were very fortunate indeed to have had 2 accomplished communications pros like you two.  The issues undertaken appeared to be of critical and vital importance in order to understand both the art & science of COMMUNICATIONS in all its dimension in order to reach a WIN-WIN situation.”  Pascal Delisi, Executive Registry

Sing-alongs Testimonials

“It was endearing to watch you in action engaging so many of our participants; even the quietest ones came to life with you.  I really can’t thank you enough for the gift of your fun sing-along and for then staying to visit with some of the participants.” Gloria Baker, Glenner Memory Care

“I heard wonderful feedback from your visit lst week….We’d love to have you back!”  Josh Wall, Activities Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living.

Writing and Editing Testimonials

Reviews of Positive People Experiences: 8 Ingredients for Business Success – Busienss Success

Concise and Helpful, by Kay Sanger:

Guaranteed — a 15-minute read of this booklet will build your confidence and give you heaps of good tips to build your business. Buy them for your clients.

Small, short and mighty!!! by Sherri Chessen. The Gorp Group, LLC:

Whomever said that ‘good things come in little packages,’ must have been thinking
of this Tips Booklet. So much vital information in such a concise, easy-to-understand

Way to Go! by Natasha Josefowitz:

Although each one of of these 8 ingredients for success is a gem on its own, the 43 ways of dealing with clients and customers as well as one’s own work groups will assure not only of business success but also a viable and comfortable way of being. This booklet is highly recommended for anyone who works with groups, any groups.

By Elizabeth Hamilton:
I liked Tip #25: Watch for what you can learn. Being other-focused, listening, paraphrasing, and checking your perception gives you more information about the other person’s viewpoints, intentions, and reasoning, as long as you are ready to learn something new.

This tip is invaluable in many kinds of communication and relationships. It encompasses empathy, respect and equality, which are necessary for a felt sense of our interconnectedness with one another. For helping professionals, this booklet is an invaluable alternative to the “sage on the stage” approach that (mis)guided much of my 40-year college teaching career.

Just Right, by Debra A. Hamilton, on November 18, 2014
Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer have created the ultimate DIY Recipe Booklet for Business Success. Their new 16 page book – Positive People Experiences – 8 Ingredients for Business Success easily outlines the What, Why and How to succeed in business. They keep the directions short and clear; engaging their reader from the start thereby encouraging them to stay with the booklet from beginning to end.

For someone like me, who helps mediate disagreements between people who provide services to pet owners, the core of their message struck at the heart of my practice. Addressing the needs of your clients first, deciding to keep your clients as clients and appreciating the way they look at things, enables the business owner to apply all 43 steps of the 8 Ingredients for the benefit and expansion of their positive people establishments.

I now offer the 8 Ingredients for Business Success as a guide for my clients to read before we engage in mediation. It gives them a template in conflict from which they can chose peace and prosperity.

Excellent! by John C. Holmes:

Loved it. I run a small personal services business and I’ve read tons of business books that all seem to say the same stuff over and over and over just to fill the pages. This little booklet says it all in an easy to understand and immediately apply manner.

A quick, dynamic read you’ll use a lot
By Constance Hardesty:
I’ve seen the authors present at conferences and I’ve read their Communications Case Studies. This little booklet condenses all their wit and wisdom and energy into one dynamic package!

“[They are] authors of Communication Case Studies.…I have received a rave review…. 
Combining their experience in corporations, small business and academia, Carolyn and John bring insights from all points of view to bear on organizational and interpersonal communication…. “   Constance Hardesty, Managing Editor, American Animal Hospital Association

“Dr. Carolyn Shadle proofread the manuscript of a book I wrote entitled “Abominable Grace.”  The proofreading was excellent and comprehensive, including extensive footnotes….I welcomed her suggestions as to form and content as well as grammar and syntax. These were very helpful. The book is now published by Createspace, a division of Amazon.com.” Donn Crail, author

“I have a strong ego, so don’t hold back.  I need your editing skills.” Chris Rubel, author

“As authors of “Communication Case Studies,” Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer have created one of the most popular columns in AAHA’s Trends magazine. Now they are “taking it to the streets” with staff training in veterinary practices, and I have received a rave review from one of their clients.”    Constance Hardesty, Editor-in-Chief, AAHA

Poetry Testimonials

“John’s poetry and delivery are a delight!”  member of Poetry Class at the Vi

The following was a testimonial in verse:

This message is sent from your friend Donn.
Though we’re not breaking up, it’s addressed, “Dear John.”
Your “Poems About Poets” I have just read
And there is something about them that must be said.
You have assembled a literary treasure
And reading it has been for me, pure pleasure.
You’ve brought back to mind verses I’d almost forgotten,
That should be read aloud by Charles Laughton.
In line after line and through every strain
Thank God for poets who through joy and through pain
have the gift to convey their every heart murmur,
With grace, and with rhyme, and somtimes with humor.
Afraid to go off the rails of iambic pentameter time 
My poetry I confess is slavish doggeral rhyme.
If there is a sequel to this delightful book,
Please give T.S. Elliot a careful look.
Still looking for a “Rebirth of Wonder” I find
Lawrence Ferlinghetti also comes to mind.
                                                     ~ Rev. Donn Crail


Travel Talks Testimonial

“That was the most creative and interesting travel talk we’ve had.” Mary Rountree, Rancho Bernardo Travel ClubJohn Carolyn Oaxaca - Version 2

Great Decisions

The Great Decisions class at White Sands is one of the few classes that not only keeps a steady enrollment, but has kept increasing its membership – all due to Carolyn Shadle, who facilitates it. The involvement of the residents is evident. She knows how to engage us and encourage us to contribute insights from our readings and travel.  I can highly recommend Carolyn Shadle as a leader of Great Decisions. ~ Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D., member of White Sands Great Decisions group

The Wealth Divide Workshop Testimonial

“I saw the economic divide in a new way!  The interactive exercises were fun – and revealing.”  member, PB Democratic Club

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