The Changing Outplacement Process



The Changing Outplacement Process.  New Methods and Opportunities for Transition Management, by Dr. Carolyn C. Shadle and Dr. John L. Meyer (Published by Quorum Books, Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 1994)

During periods of downsizing, layoffs and other retrenchment measures, outplacement consulting provides an important source for human resources (HR) professionals to access.

In this book, we provide an understanding of what the outplacement industry is and what it offers organizations and their employees.  It is clearly written and designed to assist management and their HR professionals.  The authors provide insight into the meaning of job loss and its devastating impact on workers and the organization, and, most importantly, a way to help lessen the blow to both.

Used copies in good condition are available for $12.99.

“This is a first-of-its-kind effort, and one that probably could not have been carried out by anyone within the outplacement profession, since the true value of any professional service lies largely in the independent view it brings to a situation of significance…The authors have indeed provided a professional resource to these professional services.”    — David A. Lord, principal of Executive Search Information Services