The Beauty of The Seashore -Set of 6



The Beauty of The Seashore 

We have created greeting cards that present the beauty of La Jolla, CA, not unlike other sunny beaches you enjoy.

These greeting cards bring messages expressed in pastels by Karen Tan and poetry by John L. Meyer

A colorful painting can inspire a poem.  A playful poem can inspire a painting.  This was the symbiotic relationship for a collaboration between distinguished artist Karen Tan and retired professor John L. Meyer when they met in at The White Sands senior community in La Jolla, California.

Karen Tan’s paintings have been on exhibition in galleries across the nation from New York to Honolulu, including the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in NYC, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the Baltimore Art Museum, the University of Washington, and Honolulu’s Academy of Arts

John’s traditional verse – with both rhythm and rhyme – stem from his days teaching the oral interpretation of literature at the University of MN and at the State University of New York,

Today, he presents poetry readings and directs sing-alongs in La Jolla, CA and offer communication training nationwide. CLICK HERE to learn about his collection poems, entitled POEMS ABOUT POETS.

The Beauty of The Seashore Greeting Cards feature soft colorful pastels by Karen Tan and accompanying poetry by John L. Meyer, each 7.0” x 5.0”,  with envelopes. They are available as single cards in a plastic sleeve for $2.50.  A set of 6 (same or assorted) are available for $12. 

To order individual cards with envelopes for $2.50, select single greeting cards elswhere on this website.



                             A sample poem:

A Ballerina Tempest

Some folks call it an “angry sea,”

With waves rising and falling dramatically.

They’re dancing waves – leaping to the sky.

They throw their skirts way up high,

And sing to us, as we go by.

We want to watch the surges at play

And join right in the tempestuous ballet!

And then, to you, I would say:

Don’t call this sight an “angry sea”

And hide blindly inside with a cup of tea.

Come with me; see the sea’s dance par-ty.

                                                     by John L. Meyer