Poems About Poets, 3rd Edition




Whimsical, as well as factual, these poems will delight you, while adding to your knowledge of the poets.   John Meyer is a poet and scholar of poets. In this collection of 34 images and original poems, he tells you about the poets, incorporating familiar lines from the poets. The collection includes poems about Emily Dickenson, Norman Lear, Roberts Burns, T.S. Eliot, Joyce Kilmer, and many more.

The book is a perfect gift for poetry lovers.

*For an earlier edition at a reduced price, see Poems About Poets, 2nd Edition

Here is one reader’s review:

What a fun and thoughtful work John Meyer has given us in Poems for Poets. Even if the lucky reader is ignorant about poetry and poets, this small book is packed with reflections, insights, humor, and poignant comments one can take to any cocktail party and appear erudite. Here are some samples: Langston Hughes: “Mr. Hughes, we appreciate your views: On being black in America and seeing the hues….” or, Ogden Nash: “His lines were never smooth as satin, ‘Cause they were often conceived in Latin.” Etcetera… I heartily recommend Poems for Poets to anyone who enjoys a warm, friendly tilt and/or a remembrance of poets we love and need in a world too fraught with raspy, machine-gun-like media voices. Who among us doesn’t need to be reminded of Omar Khayyam? Dr. Meyer writes of him, “You have helped us today By Showing us the earthly way, Not to look for a heaven above But to make this place better with love.” Enjoy and grow with this book! Chris Rubel, An old man who still dreams.

Another review:

When I was young we had a much-read, much recited book in our home called “A Treasury of the Familiar” and it contained much of the work of these poets.  That book enriched our lives and hopefully made us wiser and more of aware of our world and the world of others.  The poetry lingered in our brains but over time became embers.  John Meyer’s book, Poems about Poets has rekindled those fires of nostalgia and imagination, and restored our relationship with these “old friends.”  John’s creative rhymes are an appropriate tribute to these poets who have graced our lives, and provoked our thoughts.  The picture of each poet is a treasure as well as faces themselves have stories to tell.  Poems About Poets is a joy to read and a great gift to give.  Donn Crail (Rev,)

One of the poets from Poems About Poets, by John L. Meyer

Alfred Lloyd Tennyson

In John’s workshops, delighting groups with his resonant voice and performance skills, he reads the poets’ best-known poems and brings the poets’ background and experience into understanding the poems.

For each poet he has penned a poem that recalls for us the life and work of the poet.

A sample poem:

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Break, break, my constant prose habit,
And take, take me to the world you inhabit.

Over the sea and over the land
To your poetry where I’ll stand.

At sunset and evening star,
My call comes to cross the bar.

I’ll try to charge as did the light brigade,
As all the great poets, like you have said.

You have great appeal to the cognoscenti,
As well as great appeal to your fellow gentry.

Lord of language, poet laureate,
You were never one to glory in it.

You’ll also enjoy poems about Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Lord Byron, Omar Khayyam, Edgar Allan Poe, and Maya Angelou and others.


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