Building Communication Skills (Game)



Six communication skills give players new ways of listening, communicating and affirming others.  They are: reflective listening, ownership of the problem; “I” Statements, Problem Solving, Stroking, and Changing the Environment.

After introducing the skills, players draw situation cards and response cards and discuss the appropriateness of the response. Players may also use the response cards for discussion or for training. The games is for all ages (with alternate directions for young children and for group play and classroom use).

If you’ve wanted to teach listening, confronting and problem solving skills to your family, communication group, or classroom, this is the tool that can help you. It’s a noncompetitive game that gets everyone involved in practicing reflective listening, I-messages and negotiation skills. The cards offer realistic situations for practicing newfound skills. The enclosed booklet offers suggestions on how to use the game with young pre-reading children and with groups. It’s truly a fun way to learn!