John Meyer delights poetry lovers of all ages with his humor and esprit de joie.  He is a vocalist and a poet, with a repertoire from serious and romantic to silly and raucous.

John reading poetry

Enjoy his verse in different ways:

A Poetry Fest

John can bring together folks in your organization who like to compose, read and/or listen.  He currently offers a semi-annual Poetry Fest at the White Sands La Jolla retirement community.  Poems include wisdom and wit.

To read a blog about John’s poetry and the White Sands Poetry Fest, CLICK HERE.

A Poetry Class – The Pleasure of Poetry

IMG_2533 IMG_2536John’s years of teaching the Oral Interpretation of Literature and his experience in stage production have prepared him to offer informative and enjoyable classes on poets and their writings. CLICK HERE for details on POETRY CLASSES.

Life’s Ride, Selected Poems by John L. Meyer, Ph.D.

51n7j2WtzTL._AA160_Life’s Ride brings forth the poet’s life journey and takes his readers with him through life, aging and death, travel, love of nature, and involvement in the public realm.

Readers discover rhythms and rhymes on a variety of diverse themes with poems that are sometimes informative and sometimes full of whimsy. His poems call readers to relate to his life experiences and the varying emotions the poems bring forth.

Lovers of poetry will also delight in the variety of poetic forms: haiku to sonnet to limerick.

John is a wordsmith who loves poetry, as demonstrated in his earlier volume of Poems About Poets.

CLICK HERE to secure a copy of Life’s Ride.


Poems About Poets


For yourself or as a gift, this is a collection of poems about poets that are informative, at times, and, at times, whimsical.  John has penned these poems at the completion of teaching a unit on a given poet.  You’ll find included your favorite poets, including Ogden Nash, Edgar Allan Poe, Carl Sandburg, Robert Service, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth – and more.


 CLICK HERE to secure a copy of Poems About Poets, 3rd Edition.


Greeting Cards Where Art and Poetry Combine:
featuring the seashore

A colorful painting can inspire a poem.  A playful poem can inspire a painting.  This was the symbiotic relationship that results in a collaboration between distinguished artist Karen Tan and retired professor and poet John L. Meyer.

Now you and your friends and family can enjoy these greeting cards, inspired by the oceanfront beauty of La Jolla, California.  CLICK HERE for details about GREETING CARDS, depicting the seashore.