Poetry Classes

 Through Poetry Classes Enjoy. . .

The Pleasure of Poetry


 Grandpa John (aka Dr. John L. Meyer)

John in Baseball hatJohn has delighted audiences of all ages with his humor and esprit de joie.  As a vocalist and a poet, he reads and writes poetry of all genres in his poetry classes.

For 30 years he shared his love of poetry with high school and university students while he taught The Oral Interpretation of Literature.

Now he has “graduated” to working with seniors, introducing some of the best loved poets and their works.  He invites members of the group to read the poet’s best poems and brings the poet’s background and experience into understanding the poems.  TO SCHEDULE A POETRY CLASS OR INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLASSES, CLICK HERE.



At the end of the poetry sessions on a given poet, John pens a poem that recalls the life and work of the poet. Some of the poems have been collected and published as Poems About Poets.  To order, CLICK HERE to go to the ICS SHOP.Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 9.29.09 PM