JUMP ON THE DANCE WAGON – A Unique Dance Platform

JumpOnDanceWagon 2016-05-01 at 10.24.26 AMJUMP ON THE DANCE WAGON – A Unique Dance Platform

Those of you who follow this blog post know that I usually write about communication – listening, confronting, negotiating, solving problems – the kind of skills that improve employee relationships and/or interaction with customers and clients.

Although I’ve often addressed non-verbal forms of communication, I never have broadened that to include the arts. But I have come to appreciate how many messages and feelings are communicated by use of the arts – including fine arts, theater and dance. And I want to highlight that here.

Last week-end I had the pleasure of enjoying a program in which compelling feelings and thoughts were communicated through dance. It was in New York City. The program was JUMP ON THE DANCE WAGON, which is a unique platform that showcases the choreography of four diverse choreographers and their dancers – each communicating messages and feelings.

It’s not unusual to see dance performances in New York City, but this platform is unique. It’s unique because a limited number (four) of emerging choreographers were invited to showcase their work through JUMP ON THE DANCE WAGON, a two-hour program made available through ticket sales to the public. Each of the choreographers contributes a percentage of the production cost and, after the performance, each receives back that same percentage of the revenue from ticket sales.

The founder and director of the program has created this platform as a way to advance the art form and find a vehicle to connect the work of choreographers with audiences.   This platform is also created as a means to compensate choreographers (and, in turn, hopefully, their dancers). In a profession known for expecting new artists to volunteer their works or pay to participate in a “mixed bill” (which usually allows only 5-10 minutes on the stage), this format is unique.

The four choreographers in this year’s program communicated love, hope, power, anger, and hope through such diverse works as the Victory Dance Project by Amy Jordan, Nicholas Grubbs’ dance with William “Smokey” Robinson’s music, and Mala Desai expressing the Hindu mythology related to pain and death.

Costumes, lighting, music, and facial expressions accompany the dynamic movements that communicate.

This new platform is a welcome innovation.

If you love the arts and want to support emerging artists, support JUMP ON THE DANCE WAGON at http://www.jumponthedancewagon.com.

If you like to have Ellen assist with your production, contact www.Linkedin/in/ellenstokesshadle.

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JumpOnDanceWagon 2016-05-01 at 10.24.26 AMP.S. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that the founder and director, Ellen Shadle, is my daughter (and I’m the proud mom).

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