John’s Musical Compositions

John’s Musical Compositions

John’s love of words and music has led him to, sometimes, compose his own songs. This is especially when he can’t find a song to suit the occasion.

“Don’t Forget the National Guard”

National GaurdThis was the situation when he led sing-alongs on Veterans Day. He sang “Anchors Away,” “The Marine’s Hymn,” “U.S. Air Force Anthem,” “U.S. Army Anthem,” and, for the Coast Guard’s “Semper Paratus.”  He realized that there was no song to honor the National Guard, so he composed one. Here it is!


“Swiss Lover’s Song”Swiss Yodeler

Visiting his grandfather’s hometown in Switzerland, he felt the love of family. He was also taken by Swiss yodeling and could picture a loving couple communicating from mountain to mountain. The result was a poem (which you can read in Life’s Ride, Selected Poems by John L. Meyer, Ph.D.). Soon, he put the words to music. And here it is!

Swiss Lover’s Song (music)