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Does your content need a substantive edit, copyediting, or proofreading?

Substantive editing,

If it’s fiction, we pay close attention to your plot, narrative, characterization, and tone. In cases where your stories or novelsl have been rejected for publication, you probably are looking for substantive editing.

If it’s non-fiction, we pay close attention to the organization and logic, as well as how compelling your message is.  In cases where your book or articles have been rejected, it may be that your writing lacks the impact it requires, and substantive editing is what you need.

Also, we can add vigor to your text. Some well-chosen adjectives or adverbs can breathe extra life to your text, as can well-placed action verbs or powerful analogies,


In the case that your the content is basically sound, but you need someone to review the manuscript for grammar, usage, style, and punctuation, you need a copy editor.

We can proofread your manuscript for you:

  • correct spelling
  • correct grammar
  • correct punctuation (Do you know when you have a compound sentence that requires a comma and conjunction?  Do you know when to use a semi-color or a color?)
  • correct word usage (Do you know when to use “that” and when to use “which”?)

Bear in mind that “correct” might include slang or colloquialisms, depending on the nature of your audience and the subject of your book.

We also ensure consistency, whether your style is formal or colloquial,  we help you to maintains your style throughout.  Similarly,  if you use USA spellings, such as “center” and “honor” in your manuscript, we watch to be sure that you don’t switch to using UK or Canadian spellings, such as “centre” or “honour.”  We’ll also watch that you don’t inadvertantly refer to a car in some places, an automobile in others and an auto in still others.


Lady of the Deep.  Click to order on Amazon.


Here’s a note from the author:

“I want to sing the praises of Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer, Ph. Ds., who edited my newly published novel, Lady of the Deep. Not only did they do a thorough, professional job in their edits, they communicated well with me in the process. They also had a feeling for the story, which made their edits even more valuable and appropriate. I would encourage any writer, especially novice writers, to submit their work to these two knowledgeable and literary people. I am one of those writers, new to the novel game, who has written for years and no matter how many times I edit my own work, there’s always something when in print that I missed.

Thank you John and Carolyn, for your help with Lady of the Deep and thank you for your help in promoting my novel.  Christopher Rubel , Claremont, California.”


We can review your manuscript for typographical errors.

Do you need help with layout?

Once your manuscript is edited and ready to go, it needs to be keyed in and formatted.  We can help with that process.  Is your book a narrative to be laid out in chapters?  Do you have poems to be grouped in categories?  How many per page?  With illustration?  What about cover art?  We can help with all of that.

What is the scope of your project?

Is the project a single book, an article, or a series of pieces to be written over a matter of weeks?  Is it copy for a website?  Is this a one-time read or an ongoing need to read copy as it is created for the site?

What is your time frame?

Do you need for the assignment to be completed in weeks, days or hours? Will it be delivered all at once or piecemeal? Do you expect it to be returned all at once or piecemeal?


Do you want to pay by the hour, by the project (a flat fee), or by the page?  After reviewing your project, we will give you a preliminary estimate and ultimately a firm contract.

In the event of hourly compensation we specify a cap on how many hours we could bill.

Payments are made to us through PayPal.  Depending on the project, we may ask for a percentage of the total payment up front or after we have received a specified proportion of the edited material.

If desired, you can request that we contract for and complete a sample edit of one chapter or a single article that you can evaluate before contracting for the complete assignment.

Listen to Our Satisfied Customers

IMG_7794“Carolyn proofread the manuscript of a book I wrote entitled Abominable Grace. The proofreading was excellent and comprehensive including extensive footnotes…. I welcomed her suggestions as to form and content as well as grammar and syntax. These were very helpful. The book is now published by Createspace, a division of Amazon.com.” (from author, Donn Crail)




Get a Quote Contact us for a quote by email at cshadle@mac.com, by phone at 858-450-5343, or click HERE to fill in our Contact Form.  We will send you a specific editing form by which you can describe your project, the type of editing you need, scope, time frame, etc.  When we have the information we need, we will provide you an estimate and a contract.