Dementia Is Addressed by Sing-alongs

 Sing-alongs Address Dementia, A Growing Social Problem

According to a New York Time article, April 3, 2013 “half of people over 85 will suffer from Alzheimer’s.”  The article goes on to say:

  1. “The number of people with dementia will more than double in less than 30 years, skyrocketing at a rate that rarely, if ever, occurs with a chronic disease.” (Alzheimer’s will effect 15% of people 71 or older or 3.8 million people; by 2040 it balloons to 9.1 million.)
  2. “The cost to care for Americans with dementia is at least as high as that for either heart disease or cancer, and is probably higher.”
  3. “The costs of care will also more than double in less than 30 years.”
  4. Research, led by an economist at the Rand Corporation noted that, “behind the numbers is the striking sense that the country is unprepared for the coming surge in the cost and cases of dementia.”
  5. “It’s going to swamp the system,” said Dr. Ronald C. Petersen, chair of the National Alzheimer’s plan.

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