Consider Your Customers’ Ages

Consider Your Customers’ Ages In Order to Individualize Your Customer Service. 

“Customer service” is the name of the game, and individualizing that service will take you to the next level. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine, which outlines a number of ways you can individualize your service. In our last several posts, we offered a peek into several: “listening to the music, as well as the lyrics,” understanding personality types, and recognizing cultural diversity.

In this post, we suggest you consider the ages of your clients and adjust your service accordingly. A positive client experience will vary depending on the demographic age group of your client. For example, in general, Millennials want transactions to take place quickly and easily – probably online, with an app. When they are dealing with a veterinarian, they are  likely to prefer a Wellness Plan to help them manage regular payments. Parents with young children will appreciate a place for their children to be entertained while parents are conducting business or waiting.

Seniors, on the other hand, want to travel and may look for services that will be flexible enough to meet their schedule.  When it comes to veterinary services, they will look to your practice to provide lodging or refer them to a pet sitter. Some will be pleased to have home delivery of products or even house calls for pet care. Whatever the business, it’s important to be sensitive to those seniors who are hard of hearing or who have mobility issues.

Take some time to consider this concept and see how you can implement it in your business. If you can’t wait for our subsequent posts outlining additional tips, you can read the entire article.

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