Communication Training


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Consider the Benefits

Imagine the thank you’s you will receive from your clients or customers.  They will appreciate your sensitivity and frank and lucid explanation of your products and services.

Imagine working with colleagues who are glad you’re on their team, who respect your ideas and know that you appreciate them.

Don’t waste another day wondering if you are saying and doing what is most effective in building relationships with your customers and with your colleagues.

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You can expect these outcomes:

  •  A new pattern or script to add or replace the comments that have offended or cut off communication.
  • A chance to experience the power of effective communication in a safe setting.
  •  Confidence in addressing people who have problems or who create problems.

 Sometimes We Use Case Studies

Want to have a good time and learn at the same time? Invite us to engage you and your staff in our role playing one of their case studies.  You choose the focus and we will provide the drama!

Discussion that follows and reference to the advice of experts raises awareness of the communication elements at play.

In a short time, this is what you can expect:

  • More clarity on how things can go wrong in a simple interchange.
  • Understanding of the needs of the players in the drama.
  • Appreciation of the importance of words and body language.
  • Identifying alternative behaviors that build relationships.

Build Skills Through Communication Skill Training

benefits of trainingYou know that it’s important to listen, but now you can find out how many different ways there are to listen and how to put that power to work.

What do you say when your friends, family or colleagues ignore your advice or needs?  Instead of giving up or yelling, what is there?

Attend our workshops and get inside the skill concept, see it implemented in practice, and try it out in a safe group.  Before you return to your customers or colleagues, gain confidence with a new “script.”

Our coaching and training are available in a variety of formats. Workshops, seminars, retreats, and meetings vary in length, depending on need, topic and participants.  A presentation or discussion may be for one hour, a series of ten two-hour meetings, a week-end retreat, or other desired format.

Our focus is on presentation skills and interpersonal or organizational communication.

“Combining their experience in corporations, small business and academia, Carolyn and John bring insights from all points of view to bear on organizational and interpersonal communication. By working with them I have been able to help association members grow, and my own career has grown since I applied their communication strategies and techniques.”

Sometimes we use cases.  We even dramatize them for fun and learning.  Click below for an example:

Some of the coaching and training topics we offer:

When You Want To Speak Up…. to your colleagues, your boss, your partner, your children How Do You Ensure They Will Listen?

Do You Really Know What They Said?  Four Steps to Listening

Building A Productive Organizational Culture: Transparency, Openness, Collaboration

The Values That Will Guide Us.  How do we discover them? Live by them?

Resolving Conflicts – boss/subordinate, between colleagues, parent-child

Be Liked!? What It’s Like to Belong.

Learning Conversations – To Move From Argument to Collaboration

Speaking Without Fear – To Make Effective Presentations to Other Staff Members

The Drama of Learning – Enhance Your Communication Skills Through Case Studies

Calling the Role – How to Use Role-playing in Training

A Case For Cases – How to Use Case Studies in Training

Empathy in the Workplace –  It’s a Powerful Tool

The Power of Small Groups – Their growth and development

Contact us for details about our program, “Making Your Customers Count,” offered in five modules (8 one-hour sessions).

See for our training that addresses the veterinary practice.   

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