Positive People Experiences

Positive People Experiences was featured in the La Jolla Village News column, “Doing it Better,” by Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.,March 27, 2015, page 19, click to read online. Natasha wrote, “Although it is written as a communication tool for clients and … Continue reading

Difficult Conversations

What makes some conversations difficult, while others are not? We are going to be discussing this question at the conference of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians this weekend in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Here is a sneak preview. There are … Continue reading

When in Conflict – Choose Mediation Over Litigation

When in Conflict – Choose Mediation Over Litigation The Better Business Bureau has a mediation program.  Carolyn participated in it some years ago. It’s a wonderful service in that it enables those locked in conflict to avoid the cost and … Continue reading

Dealing with Intimidating People

Do you have to work with intimidating people? Are there people with more power, money or popularity than you who intimate you? Consider these tips: Bolster confidence in yourself.  Be firm in your convictions and look beyond the superficial marks … Continue reading