Experience That Leads to Loyalty

Experience That Leads to Loyalty Walt Disney discovered how to create an “experience” for his visitors. He took a common activity like the enjoyment of amusement park rides, often encountered in a dirty and noisy town fair, and turned it … Continue reading

Data Security – It’s the Law

Data Security – It’s the Law Losing data is disruptive. Exposing personal data can be embarrassing. Worse, loss of identity data can result in legal problems. As stated in Animal Health Solution, “compliance with the identity theft prevention laws is … Continue reading

How Do You Know the Cost of Your Veterinary Service?

This is the question we addressed in the June 2015 issue of Trends Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association. In the article we answered four questions: Do you know the cost of the pet ownership, including the long-term cost … Continue reading

Unusual Cats

Unusual Cats: Ernest Hemingway’s Polydactyl Cats Do you love cats? Unusual cats? T.S. Elliot’s cats, such as Gumbie Cat, Jennyanydots, Gus the Theater Cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, Deuteronomy, Macavity the mystery cat, Skimbleshanks the railway cat, Mungojerrie or Rumpelteazer? Or the … Continue reading