Maintain a Personal Touch

Maintain a Personal Touch In order to individualize your customer services, you will want to maintain a personal touch. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine, which outlines a number of ways you … Continue reading

Consider Your Customers’ Ages

Consider Your Customers’ Ages In Order to Individualize Your Customer Service.  “Customer service” is the name of the game, and individualizing that service will take you to the next level. We have written an article, published in the December 2016 … Continue reading

Cultural Differences – How You Can Individualize Your Customer Service

Recognize Cultural Differences to Individualize Your Customer Service  How do you individualize your customer service? We have outlined a number of ways in our article in the December 2016 issue of TRENDS magazine entitled, “Individualize Customer Service.”   In our last … Continue reading

Experience That Leads to Loyalty

Experience That Leads to Loyalty Walt Disney discovered how to create an “experience” for his visitors. He took a common activity like the enjoyment of amusement park rides, often encountered in a dirty and noisy town fair, and turned it … Continue reading

Positive People Experiences

Positive People Experiences was featured in the La Jolla Village News column, “Doing it Better,” by Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.,March 27, 2015, page 19, click to read online. Natasha wrote, “Although it is written as a communication tool for clients and … Continue reading

Five Things to Do To Build A Staff That Works Efficiently

  Recruit and hire the right people. Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, advised business owners to “get the right people on the bus.”  That includes taking time to think about what you need and how to find … Continue reading

What Makes Your Group Work?

Make a list of what you think makes your group work.  Then divide the list into “task” roles and “maintenance” roles. The task roles are those related to completing the group’s goals – making a decision, solving a problem or … Continue reading

How to Deal With Overbearing Personalities

Sean told me about a woman in his organization who is causing him a lot of grief.  She’s at times overbearing, more outspoken than he’d wish, and often tactless in her communication style.  She interrupts.  She’s frequently angry. She engages … Continue reading