Tips on Contending with Millennials

images-1-90x42Tips for Contending with Millennials

Millennials is the topic of our article in the January issue of Trends Magazine published by the American Animal Hospital Association.

We have been sharing our thoughts on this topic with our blog readers in 8 easy-to-read chunks. In former blogs we described ten characteristics of Millennials that may help you in understanding these young people.

Also, in former blogs, we have discussed six dimensions that impact on how Millennials might play out as employees in your business and three dimensions of Millennials that you may see played out in your customers.

The review of Millennial characteristics and stories from those in the field have evoked ideas of how you can more effectively interact with Millennials.

Here are a few final thoughts to consider:

*When hiring, take time. (In a phone interview, if you want to know if you’re talking to a Millennial, ask the candidate who he or she would invite to dinner.)

*Turn negatives into positives. If you have Millennials that need feedback and the constant “pat on the back,” recognize that praise and validation are motivators for effort and achievement.

*If your Millennials indicate a desire to work in teams, look for opportunities to connect teammates for learning and development.

*Remember that Millennials value work/life balance. Flexibility and paid parental leave are important factors.

*Encourage health and fitness for employees and customers by pointing the way to natural and nutritious foods and supplements and exercise opportunities.

*Take advantage of Millennials’ knowledge of technology. Let them help you update your systems, and encourage them to engage with customers through social media.

*Support Millennials who want to involve your business in community activities or charities.

*Since Millennials base their productivity on completion of tasks, as opposed to time on the clock, experiment with work schedules that fit the new workplace.

*Adopt a payment plans to help your customers budget for their costs.

*Beyond all else, learn to understand their thinking. Since you can’t paint the entire generation with one brush, you’ll have to listen to each person.

This concludes our 8 blogs on the Milliennials and how they might impact your business as employees or customers. We hope you will leave us your comments and experiences.

~ Carolyn and John


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