Millennials As Your Employees, Part III

Millennials is the topic of our article in the January issue of Trends Magazine published by the American Animal Hospital Association. 

Millennials #6We are sharing our thoughts on this topic with our blog readers in 8 easy-to-read chunks. In former blogs we described ten characteristics of Millennials that may help you in understanding these young people.

In the last two blogs, we have discussed four dimensions that impact on how Millennials might play out as employees in your practice. We continue that discussion with two more dimensions:

5. Millennials Champion Health and Fitness – Even in Their Veterinary Work.

New businesses are being created and new products are available that vet erinarians can offer their clients, largely as a result of Millennials’ interested in health and fitness.

One example is the rapidly expanding Healthy Pets stores founded by Julie Cantonwine  Her business offers products that are free of byproducts, pesticides, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors.

6. Millennials Want a Good Workplace Fit.

Management consultant Jay Deragon, suggests that employers be ready for seven questions that Millennials pose when looking for a place to work:

How Diverse Are You?

What Impact Are You Making?

Do You Have A Sense of Community?

Are You Flexible?

Will I Be Able to Grow and Learn?

Will You Encourage Me to Build My Network?

Do You Have an Open and Understanding Workplace?

In the blog that follows we will discuss how characteristics of Millennials play out as your customers.

That’s it for today.

~ Carolyn and John


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