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We at ICS provide a variety of services and resources, all focused on helping you communicate more effectively. 

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“I found these communication meetings to be very helpful to learn how to better communicate not only with co-workers and superiors but also with clients.”

We serve different populations:carolyn-at-jfs

__Working People – to make a difference (We offer special products and training for the veterinary profession.   See www.VeterinarianCommunication.com.)

“Carolyn and John were both very humorous, and their role playing was a great pleasure to watch.   This sort of theatrical addition to an HR session was refreshing and seemed to captivate the staff in a unique way…To sum the whole experience up, it was effective, relevant and received well by the whole staff. We cannot wait for the next seminar.”

__Managers, Business Owners

“Those 100+ participants were very fortunate indeed to have had 2 accomplished communications pros like you two.  The issues undertaken appeared to be of critical and vital importance in order to understand both the art & science of COMMUNICATIONS in all its dimension in order to reach a WIN-WIN situation.”

__ Senior Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

“It was endearing to watch you in action engaging so many of our participants; even the quietest ones came to life with you.  I really can’t thank you enough for the gift of your fun sing-along and for then staying to visit with some of the participants.”

alzheimers patients benefit from our communication services

__Those needing Writing or Editing Services

“I have a strong ego, so don’t hold back.  I need your editing skills.”

“As authors of “Communication Case Studies,” Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer have created one of the most popular columns in AAHA’s Trends magazine. Now they are “taking it to the streets” with staff training in veterinary practices, and I have received a rave review from one of their clients.”

__Poetry Lovers 

“John’s poetry and delivery are a delight!”

Book Cover -Lifes Ride - Selected Poems by John L Meyer PHD
Book Cover - POEMS ABOUT POETS - 3rd Edition









__ Armchair Travelers To Explore Cultures and Places

 “That was the most creative and interesting travel talk we’ve had.”

Economic Justice

__Citizens Concerned About Economic Justice

“I saw the economic divide in a new way!  The interactive exercises were fun – and revealing.”


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